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My Ex Girl's Daily Blowjob & Workout

Revenge On My Ex Girlfriend Taylor Bow Taylor, you were so cute how you would like to stay in shape all the time. Always working out, keeping that hot little piece of fuck meat nice, tight & trim! You were always jogging, roller blading or something of that nature. You had a stamina (and sex drive) like I couldn't believe.

It was your 'daily routine' that I loved so much. A nice sweaty workout & then you would come back to our place and suck on my unit...maybe to get your daily protein. And the days you were feeling extra frisky you would get nice & hard that ask me to pound the hell out of your tiny pussy!

Your favorite was doggystyle & fortunately for me, it was also my favorite. I loved watching your hot little ass sliding back & forth on my big hard cock. Your ass cheeks would just jiggle slightly everytime your body slammed up against pecker. The, true to form, I would cover your pretty face with a big load of penis paste & you would lick it all up & swallow.

I can't imagine your new fella satisfying the way I did!

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My Ex Taylor Bow Just Loves To Blow

My Ex Girlfriend Taylor Blow Gave Me Head Every Single DayI miss you so much, Taylor. You knew how to put a smile on my face and a hard-on in my pants! I think about you almost every minute of every day. Your pretty smile, your sexy eyes, your perky tits & your hot little ass.

I'm sure you haven't forgotten how your soft, warm, wet mouth would make love to my cock everyday. Our "Daily Blowjob" remember? Everyday, at no particular time, but consistently, your wonderful oral fixation would kick in & you would drop to your knees in front of me. You would gently bite my hard dick thru my jeans like an animal in heat. I could feel you tugging at my zipper & then your soft, tiny hands searching for my cock in my pants. Once the beast was free, your hands would gently stroke the length of my cock as you stared into my eyes with your, "I'm gonna eat you alive" look.

I was in heaven as you slurp, slurp, slurped on my slab of rock-hard meat. You were gentle, but so rough...I just couldn't get enough of your mouth! You're a little cum junkie too. You loved to eat cum, be sprayed with my cum, even rub my cum all over your body. God, I miss you!

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Taylor Can't Say 'No' To Cock

Taylor Bow Just Can't Say 'No' Both you & I know it's true, Taylor. You just can not say 'No' to a big hard cock. In fact, I bet I can't even name one time that you turned down dick.

I remember one evening I came home from work & you were napping on our bed. I woke you up by gently & slowly rubbing your pussy. I ran my hand up your soft inner thighs, up under your dress. I started rubbing your pussy over your panties until you started to wake up. You just looked up at me with a smile & started to gyrate your hips in tune with my rubbing motion.

I pulled out my hard cock & you were more than willing to service my unit. You would just lick up & down my shaft until I started dripping. Then you would just engulf it & start going to town. Sucking my cock hard & pumping it with your soft, tiny hands. These video clips I have prove that day happened.

That's why you cheated on me with that loser, wasn't it Taylor? He pulled out his tiny little dick & you just had to put it in your mouth, didn't you? Once he knew you were an easy, little slut I'm sure he was always pulling out his wee little prick for you to suck on. Don't you miss my cock, Taylor Bow? I miss your pussy..and I miss you too! I hate calling you my 'Ex Girlfriend'!

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